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Does the Shock absorber need to be replaced with both?

Does the Shock absorber need to be replaced with both? Does Shock absorber damage require immediate replacement?  

The Shock Absorber tends to age and harden over time, leading to damage. The average car has two Shock absorbers. Do you need to replace both of them if one breaks? In fact, only one Shock absorber is damaged and can be replaced separately, but it is better to replace both when replacing them. That’s because while the Shock absorber isn’t damaged, it can wear and tear over time. Changing just one Shock absorber can lead to uneven support on both sides of the Shock absorber, affecting its original performance.

If the shock absorber is broken, do you need to replace it immediately?

First, when the Shock absorber is damaged, the Shock absorber will make a strange noise when it is working, and the car’s direction may be slightly deflected, making it difficult and ineffective to return to normal. At the same time, the Shock absorber loses its basic cushioning effect, transferring the absorbed Shock and Shock from the frame to the driver’s cab as it works, and the steering wheel makes a noticeable noise when it is moved. All told, the impact of Shock absorber damage is significant and should be replaced in a timely manner.

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