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Shock absorber assembly is distinguished from shock absorber

Shock absorber assembly is distinguished from shock absorber

1. Different constituent structures

The shock absorber is only part of the shock absorber assembly; The shock absorber assembly is composed of shock absorber, lower spring pad, dust jacket, spring, shock absorber pad, upper spring pad, spring seat, bearing, top glue and nut.

2. Different difficulty of replacement

The replacement of independent shock absorbers is difficult to operate, requiring professional equipment and technicians, and the risk factor is large; Replacing the shock absorber assembly is a simple matter of turning a few screws.

3. Price difference

It is expensive to replace each part of shock absorber set separately. The shock absorber assembly, which contains all parts of the shock absorber system, is cheaper than replacing all parts of the shock absorber.

4. Different functions

A separate shock absorber serves only as a shock absorber; The shock absorber assembly also plays the role of suspension pillar in the suspension system.


Therefore, it is recommended to replace the shock absorber assembly directly, and the replacement of the shock absorber assembly is recommended to replace in pairs, in order to prevent the car from causing instability, serious words will also affect driving safety.

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