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Power Steering Hose Method of inspection
Power Steering Hose Method of inspection 
1. Where visible (without the removal of reservoir cap), check the power steering fluid level in the reservoir. 
Check the condition of power steering pipes and hoses. 
With the front road wheels on the ground, vehicle in neutral gear and the parking brake applied, run the engine and rock the steering wheel in both directions. 
Check: a. by feel at the steering wheel, that the system is operating b. for leaks in the system c. that feed pipes are free from damage and are not chafing on other parts of the vehicle. 
4. In the case of external power systems check: a. the ram anchorages for cracks, damage and security to the frame or other fixed members of the vehicle b. the ram for cracks and/or damage c. for movement indicating wear at the anchorage point d. misalignment or fouling of components. 
5. With the engine stopped and steering wheel lightly rocked, check for excessive free play between ball-pin and valve. 
Where practicable, check the security of the power steering pump and the condition of its drive system. 
Check for any inappropriate repair or modification to power steering system components. 

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