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  • September 24, 2021
    What are Bushings? Small but important parts of your vehicle’s suspension system, rubber suspension bushings are used to cushion, reduce vibration and cut down on friction between the metal parts of the suspension system and your car’s frame. Bushings allow the suspension parts to move without transferring vibration to the car’s cabin while flexing and moving to help deliver a more comfo...
  • September 30, 2021
    How to burn rubber suspension bushings correctly Not many people have access to hydraulic presses. So, what are the options for removing the suspension bushing? Burning them is often mentioned, but many people do it wrong. This article will detail how to remove the OE suspension bushing correctly The right way: Heat the shell This method is designed for rubber suspension bushings. Polyurethane bus...
  • October 06, 2021
    1. Set Aside Bushing Replacement Tools In order to complete a bushing replacement, you will need to have the following tools on hand: An open-end wrench A flat head screwdriver A torque wrench A floor jack Two jack stands Clamps To protect against the possibility of fluid loss from the truck when you have the vehicle suspended, it might be necessary to have a receptacle on hand. 2. Lower the Suspe...
  • November 05, 2021
     The vehicle's smoothness is largely attributed to two integral components: shock absorbers and struts. However, while shock absorbers and struts are both essential for vehicle safety and comfort, they are actually two different parts What is shock? As for shock absorbers, also known as shock absorbers, they are key components of the suspension system. They control the impact and rebound moti...
  • March 18, 2022
    Top 5 Reasons Lower Control Arm Bushings Are Noisy. People unfamiliar with cars may not understand what's going on when they hear the strange jingle. While there can be many reasons for unusual noise in a vehicle, a problem with the lower control arm bushing can be very noticeable. These noises are almost similar to knocks around the control arm area. Below are the five most common reasons for red...

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