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How to burn rubber suspension bushings correctly

How to burn rubber suspension bushings correctly

Not many people have access to hydraulic presses. So, what are the options for removing the suspension bushing? Burning them is often mentioned, but many people do it wrong. This article will detail how to remove the OE suspension bushing correctly

The right way: Heat the shell

This method is designed for rubber suspension bushings. Polyurethane bushings do not require a torch and it can be dangerous to remove liquid filled bushings in this manner. The correct way to remove rubber suspension bushings using a cutting torch is to slowly heat the bushings from the outside. Heating the casing containing the bushing with a torch eventually causes the rubber to boil, breaking its chemical bond to the metal casing. Rubber has a melting point of about 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so all you have to do is heat the outer shell to transfer 350 degrees F to the bushing, allowing it to boil. Note: This process takes several minutes to complete. Place the torch on the casing until the rubber begins to boil. Apply the cutting torch to all sides of the housing to heat all sides of the casing. By applying heat to the enclosure, you will protect the rubber from fire. You don't have to let the case get red-hot and risk damaging your arm, it just needs to be hot enough for the rubber to boil. Speaking of boiling rubber, be sure to wear long sleeves, gloves and goggles.

Push out bushing with metal tool

While the rubber is still hot, you can easily push out most of the bushings by pressing it with some kind of metal tool. Be very careful when pushing bushings out. The rubber is very hot (well, it's boiling). You don't want it to fall and hit your arm or leg or your dog. Therefore, appropriate precautions should be taken when hot rubber bushings are rolled out

Remove excess rubber

From there you can burn the remaining rubber and use a wire brush to remove charred debris.

Wrong way: Melt bushing

Burning rubber bushings is not only too messy and dangerous, but also extremely inefficient. Instead of simply heating the rubber, you're actually trying to consume the rubber with a flame. It's as clever as taking a tire off a wheel by setting it on fire. It works, but it's not very efficient. In addition, flaming rubber can "pop" and "spit out" balls of burning rubber "lava." If you've ever been hit by one, you probably remember the painful experience.

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