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When talking about Japanese cars, durable, fuel-efficient and economical will come in our mind. They are always the first choice when people want to buy cars. Japanese car brands have these.

1. Toyota is characterized by durability and fuel economy. Corolla, corolla, Camry, crown, RAV4, hannanda, landkuluze and Prado are all Toyota's.

2. Honda, is characterized by more sports, while taking into account fuel saving and durability. Honda has Feidu, civic, and accord.

3. Nissan, Nissan's car is characterized by fuel saving, high cost performance, comfortable sitting and easy driving. Many cars are more popular, such as Xuanyi, Qida, Qijun and Tianlai. Nissan's car is more economical.

4. Lexus, is a high-end brand owned by Toyota and a second-line luxury brand.

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